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Secret food tour in New Orleans

  • Author George Bri
  • Published May 12, 2017
  • Word count 436

Do you enjoy food? Have you ever thought about taking a food tour? If the answer is yes to both questions then let me tell you about this amazing secret food tour. It takes place in New Orleans; you get to explore all the lovely sights of the best foods that not everyone knows of. They have a whole list of favorite spots that they will take you on for a trip of good culture and great food. You get to taste everything you see and smell. You can also take pictures of everything so the memory of this will last forever and you can brag to all your friends and family about this amazing food tour. There is a lot that is in this tour that will open your taste buds and your mind. You will get the chance to try anything you wish from fish to alligator. Some foods you may like and some you may not and some you may be surprised that you liked, if you are person who likes to go on adventures and try new thing this food tour is right up your ally. You just need to take the time to look the adventure is waiting for you to sign up and head your way to New Orleans for a remarkable tour that will be in your memories forever. The cost is not too bad either, if you are ready for an adventure in food tasting then do not wait and sign up for the secret food tour in New Orleans and make travel arrangements today.

What you need

You do not need to bring much with you, the best things I would suggest to bring is comfortable clothes that will stretch because you will be tasting all kinds of foods why not be wearing your most comfortable cloths while enjoying every bite. You do need to be stylish this is not a fashion show, you are food tasting. Bring comfortable shoes just in case there is some walking involved. You will want your camera to record these entire new things you are trying and seeing and even record some of the reactions you will have to these new foods that you will laugh about later with friends and family. You will never know what you may run into while on a food tour and what you may like to take with you so bring some spending cash. The staff for the secret food tours will be able to answer any questions that you may have. Give them a call today or sign up you will not regret it.