10 Drinks to avoid when you’re 40

  • Author Benedict Lanuza
  • Published April 20, 2018
  • Word count 555

Life begins at 40 they say, and so does some health problems. If you are not careful, that is. More often than not, people have the tendency to undervalue the things that they drink. But calories from a drink can easily blow up your waistline. Here are 10 drinks you should try to cut back or avoid totally when you reach the big 4-0.

Store-bought coconut water. Fresh coconut water is fine. It’s packed with nutrients and electrolytes. But the store-bought ones are generally filled with sweeteners and other preservatives.

Drinkable yogurt. Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is a healthy way to get good bacteria and protein into your body. A good food to help trim the waistline. But drinkable yogurt? They’re full of calories and sugars.

Root beer floats. The perennial favorite in diners and even birthday parties, root beer floats conquer memories when you were a kid. Problem is, your body can pretty much burn anything when you were a kid. In your 40s, the combo of root beer soda and ice cream is just a sugar and calorie bomb waiting to explode inside you.

Slimming teas. Let’s say you’ve packed on the pounds and you want a quick weight loss fix. You buy slimming teas. So you can just drink those pounds away, right? Bad idea. Slimming teas have a laxative effect. Which means all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your body, instead of being absorbed by your intestines will be literally flushed down the toilet. Instead, drink green tea. Lots of antioxidants and helps speed up your metabolism.

Powdered drinks. Whether its juice or tea, if it’s from a powdered source, most likely, they’re packed with sugars. If you’re looking for a better alternative, squeeze fresh juice or put some ice and honey in your tea.

Energy Drinks. When the work pile is higher than your salary and you need that extra perk an energy drink seems like a natural go-to drink. But that’s a really bad idea. While it’s true they can perk you up for several minutes, they can have you crashing for hours. Harmful chemicals, lots of sugar, awful taste and expensive price. Just say no to these drinks.

Sodas. Lots of acidity and sugar sodas are obviously bad for you. If you’re a regularly drinker, it can be difficult to go cold turkey. So ‘wean’ yourself by lowering your intake, switching to diet ones, and then forgetting about them altogether. If you’re to drink soda occasionally, try the diet ones. But do remember that even these type of sodas have their side effects.

Alcohol. Yes, you heard that right. Cut back on alcohol when you reach 40. Alcohol is high in calories. And regular in take may damage your now 40-year-old liver.

Vitamin-enhanced drinks. Yes, the drinks have ‘water’ in their name. But they also have tons of calories and all of them from sugar.

Fancy coffee drinks. Whether you’re in a fast-food chain or your favorite coffee place, to be perfectly fair, these drinks look appealing. Some even look like works of art. But they are packed with calories and sugar from the cream, sugar syrup or additional chocolate syrup and stuff. You can treat yourself occasionally, but it’s better if you go for plain coffee.