The Rejuvenating Power Of Green Teas

  • Author Kathleen Chester
  • Published July 20, 2011
  • Word count 414

The concept of green teas as a medicinal plant came from China, still the largest producer of the miracle herb. Much lighter, and with lesser caffeine content than darker brews, the medicinal properties of the plant were discovered as far back as 4000 years ago. In China, the properties of this common bush was discovered when the leaves fell into hot water. The drink that resulted was refreshing and rejuvenating and soon became the most popular beverage of Asia.

Today, China, Japan, India, Ceylon, Vietnam, and Indonesia are the world’s top tea producers (and consumers). Every year, a total of over a million metric tons of various varieties of green teas are produced. China alone produces more than 70% of this huge volume. From medicinal purposes, to religious ceremonies, to being the most common beverage; various kinds of tea are cultivated. The black richer varieties are of full flavor, and contain high levels of tannin and caffeine. White and silver varieties have very little tannin, and are richer in aroma than taste. The green varieties are just down the middle, with a jade color to the brew, and in Japan, often known simply as Japanese tea. The rich jade colored brew is also China’s favorite hot drink.

Since the British colonial era, this magic herb has been sought after. The English have a particular taste for good tea, and production of the herb was always prized in their colonies. Asian countries like China and Indonesia began producing larger volumes of raw leaves. Today, green teas are much more preferred to black teas even in the west. Europe and America consume enormous proportions for tea; and the costliest varieties are a hefty sum too. Some of the costliest varieties of tea can even cost up to $300 about 20 ounces! Healthy, refreshing, and revitalizing, this miracle beverage is as much a lounge drink as it is a breakfast drink.

You can enjoy green teas as hot or cold, depending on your tastes. The anti-oxidant and pro-biotic properties of the herb have indeed. Scientific testing has shown the property of lighter varieties to have an effective result in medical conditions. Heart diseases, stomach problems, and hormonal problems are said to be cured fast without any side effects. Traditional Chinese doctors also use tea as a major part of their medication and healing process. Almost no Buddhist ceremony can be complete till the tea is served. Tasty and healthy, a well brewed green tea drink is indeed a blessing from nature.