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  • Author Alan Scott
  • Published November 10, 2017
  • Word count 507

When you take a cup from your cup holder, what kind of drink are you going to make with the hot water? For many people, they prefer an instant coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even a packet soup. However, there are other healthier options that you can enjoy when you’re on your break at work. Today, we will make a case for the drinking of herbal tea and some of the reasons why you may want to add it to your daily routine. Here at five health benefits that you can enjoy by drinking herbal tea at work.

  1. Herbal Tea is Full of Antioxidants:

There are many foods that are healthy for your body, and they all have one thing in common. They are all full of antioxidants, and so is herbal tea. Antioxidants are nutrients that tackle the free radicals that are present in all of our bodies. Herbal tea is one of the few fluids that has these antioxidants, and it’s easy to take when we drink. Adding herbal tea to your diet through the day makes good sense for this reason alone, but there is more to come.

  1. Protection for Your Bones:

Most people think that the only drink that’s good for their bones is milk. This is not true, herbal tea contains many phytochemicals, which help to keep bones strong. So, next time you reach for the milk to put in your tea or coffee, consider that there is a healthier alternative.

  1. Good for Your Heart:

When we have a stroke or a heart attack, it’s caused by blood clots that have formed in our arteries. When we drink herbal tea, we’re also preventing these blood clots from forming and allow the free flow of blood through our arteries. Even one or two cups per day would make a significant difference to the health of most people.

  1. Cancer Prevention:

Certain studies have made the case that herbal tea drinking can prevent cancer. If true, it’s likely that the high quantities of antioxidants are responsible. Antioxidants prevent cancerous cells from forming and this is another reason to drink more herbal tea.

  1. For Weight Loss:

Herbal tea is a great aid to weight loss, it speeds up the metabolism, which helps you to burn calories faster. While you’re drinking herbal tea, you’re not drinking other unhealthy drinks that could be preventing the loss of weight. Herbal tea is a great alternative to water, offering a way to hydrate in a different way.

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