Online Meat Stores: The Farm to Fork Movement

  • Author Renna Smith
  • Published July 16, 2011
  • Word count 485

Purchasing beef at a mail order meat store puts natural-forage beef within reach. Almost everyone that buys pasture raised meats is struck by its unusually rich and intense flavor. In addition, they note the clean taste, and the lack of excess fat associated with grain-fed, grain-finished livestock. On the other hand, the exceptional taste originates from the variety of grasses and other vegetation that the livestock eat which gives the meat a distinctive flavor – in contrast to grain-fed beef that relies on substantial marbling for flavor.

Regular super-market beef is higher in fatty calories and has much lower levels of healthy vitamins and minerals. Grain finished cattle is fattened with corn which results in high levels of intra-muscular fat in the meat, and therefore fattier steaks. Obviously, this high lipid content translates into increased calorie content. Pasture raised cattle brought up on natural vegetation contains reduced levels of fat and is a good deal, leaner. Oddly enough, buying meat online provides easier access to pasture raised meat as opposed to local food stores or butchers.

Essential nutrients such as Omega-3 acids, Vitamin E, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Beta Carotene, are some of the beneficial compounds found in higher levels in grass-fed beef. They support good heart function, a robust immune system, healthy skin, and better eyesight. Grass fed options are considerably more wholesome than the regular supermarket choice.

You will find many small online meat store retailers that ship steaks right to your door. A large number of them manage their own farms and are well placed to influence all aspects of husbandry from cattle raising to processing. As a result of this, the farmers can guarantee that the cows feed safely, and eat the most wholesome vegetation and grasses. What’s more, they’re able to directly observe their cows in order to certify the source of every steak and roast that is produced from cattle raised on their ranches. Their cattle stocks are not co-mingled with the cattle from other farms.

Many smaller farms are managed according to natural or organic guidelines and the livestock do not ingest artificial substances (drugs, hormones, or chemicals). Some even earn the privilege of carrying the USDA Organic certification.

Many of these online meat stores owe their existence to the popularity of the farm-to-fork movement which allows ranchers to control every aspect of the production chain from the farm to your plate while eliminating middle-men and brokers. Modern quick-freezing, packaging, and fast shipping make the farm to fork movement possible. It allows for rapid delivery and considerable price reduction for the average household.

Quite a few meat store operations offer a variety of cuts and even large half or quarter portions of beef. Prices range from $10 to $20 per pound providing better value for dollar for customers that buy in bulk. A healthy product at a reduced cost is the main benefit of purchasing from an online meat store.