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Chemicals in Our Breakfast Cereal

Author Monica Levin Published September 14, 2011 Word count 387 View author’s other articles When sitting down to eat breakfast, cereal lovers are unknowingly eating a chemical called 2-methylnapthalene. It is a petrochemical that is, “a constituent of petroleum, automobile exhaust…waste water from coal gasification, coke and shale oil production” as well as other strange …

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FRESH SEAFOOD Our Fresh and Frozen Seafood will Delight You

Author Liu Xia Published July 30, 2020 Word count 766 View author’s other articles Featuring many traditional fish selections – cod, haddock and Pollock – to lobster, salmon, shrimp,seahorse, sea cucumber, clams and a much more. We will deliver fresh frozen seafood to delight your senses and pair flawlessly with a filet mignon or stuffed …

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Discover Fijian Food

Author Hugh Mcinnes Published July 27, 2012 Word count 382 View author’s other articles The cuisine of Fiji is a wonderful treat for travellers, one that perfectly captures the essence of the nation’s colourful culture and traditions. Traditional Ingredients Fijians use many fresh ingredients to cook their meals. Common ingredients include vegetables such as sweet …

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Toffee – A Tasty Treat

Author Bj Buske Published November 28, 2011 Word count 446 View author’s other articles Toffee is a specially made candy made by caramelizing regular sugar along with butter and then heated to a temperature of around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it reaches this temperature it is considered to be in the “hard crack” stage. Once …

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Ketogenic Diet

Author Mikael San Published July 21, 2017 Word count 538 View author’s other articles Ketogenic Diet The Ketogenic Diet is also famously known as Keto Diet, which considered as a low-carb diet and LCHF (Low-carb high-fat) diet. Following the ketogenic diet is the best way to lose weight. Also, several studies prove that the keto …

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