Toffee – A Tasty Treat

  • Author Bj Buske
  • Published November 28, 2011
  • Word count 446

Toffee is a specially made candy made by caramelizing regular sugar along with butter and then heated to a temperature of around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it reaches this temperature it is considered to be in the “hard crack” stage. Once the mix is stiff enough and has its glossy look on the surface it is then poured into a tray and allowed to cool.

Depending on the process and temperatures used when making it will determine how best to use the sweet treat. Some toffee is hard and sometimes covered in milk chocolate while other times and depending on how soft and/or sticky the concoction is can be used for other candy favorites like Toffee Apples. These Toffee Apples are similar to Taffy Apples and Caramel Apples and can be enjoyed all year long.

The buttery, crunchy, delicious toffee taste is a popular candy and a specialty at the Sweet Hut in Wisconsin Dells. The Sweet Hut makes their toffee from scratch and from a secret family recipe. Making it does not take a lot of ingredients, but the real trick is how it is prepared, cooked and topped that makes it such a sweet treat and a favorite at the Sweet Hut.

Using patience and the right mix of ingredients is how the Sweet Hut’s special toffees are made. A good candy thermometer doesn’t hurt either.

When Toffee is made the production, texture and process is very similar to how hard caramel is created. The big difference is in adding butter to the mix. This gives Toffee the unmistakable flavor that true Toffee lovers can’t resist. The rich flavor and crunchy texture make this a tasty treat throughout the year and especially around the Holidays or special events.

The traditional Toffee look and taste is just one way to enjoy it. The Sweet Hut also uses their special made chocolate to cover their Toffee products and even adds nuts to the top to give it an appeal to those craving chocolate covered Toffee or chocolate covered Toffee with nuts.

If you love the taste of homemade Toffee make sure you go to the Sweet Hut located in the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells to satisfy your Toffee taste buds. If you do not plan on being in Wisconsin Dells any time soon go to and have it delivered to your door or to someone you know who is a Toffee lover. The Sweet Hut also offers a huge selection of candies and sweet treats to choose from. If you like hand-dipped chocolates, caramel apples, cashew turtles or pecan turtles to name a few you will not be disappointed.