The Best of British Catering, From Company to Consultancy

  • Author Sara Allom
  • Published July 26, 2011
  • Word count 445

British catering is some of the best in the world. Our country’s reputation for fine produce as well as innovative style means we can create some of the best catered food possible. London is of course the UK’s main hub of business and industry, of arts and media, and events and society, and so it makes sense that London’s catering companies in particular are the cream of the crop, but competition within the catering field is fierce all over the UK too.

Of course catering companies don’t just do food these days either. They are crucial to the overall style of an event, party or wedding, whether its providing waiting staff in branded and colour co-ordinated uniforms, sourcing the finest vintage wines and the most expensive champagnes, providing trained mixologists and cocktail barmen, sushi chefs, towering wedding cakes, or even showgirls and circus performers, the best of British catering companies need to be able to provide it all.

Some British catering companies have consultancy arms too – run by key staff members whose wealth of experience and knowledge makes them perfectly placed to advise large corporate organisations, international businesses, or even venues and hotel chains on how to make their outside catering truly exceptional. As the party ‘venue’ itself becomes more fluid and ever changing, from field to mountainside and deserted castle to beach shack, these catering consultants can ensure quality is never compromised, wherever the kitchen may be being constructed!

Of course catering companies vary hugely in scope and size. Not all have catering consultancy divisions! A smaller British catering company would perhaps be ideal for catering at a family christening or birthday bash, but a charity or celebrity gala for thousands of people would need a rather different approach!

Often with the larger events and bespoke bashes, British caterers work very closely with some of the country’s leading event organisers and party planning companies, such as Banana Split or Bentleys Entertainment. These companies excel in providing real wow factor and work with every supplier going – Want to project a picture on to the houses of parliament? Book Beyonce to perform after dinner? Or have your swimming pool turned into a glass dance floor for the evening? These companies have the contacts and address books that can turn every dream into reality.

In the UK, the most well known caterers, such as Alison Price, “rhubarb” food design, or Urban Caprice, all often work abroad too (alongside these types of party planners), and can therefore take their catering product (and all the chefs and kit needed to produce that product) anywhere you may want it to go. Taking the best of British worldwide too!