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Brew Coffee Fast With The keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker

  • Author Beatrice Mcpherson
  • Published January 3, 2012
  • Word count 600

A coffee drinker who’s very busy, however loves pratical equipment will like the keurig Mini Brewer. This product is available in the marketplace by keurig. This espresso machine is a solid option for small offices and homes to brew piping hot chocolates or coffee simply and fast. There are so many color choices; it will be difficult to select one. Just a few of the colors consist of red, black, and platinum. My best beverage to brew is hot espresso. The keurig mini brewer will accomplish this task superbly every time. The disadvantages is that I’m unable to position my best mug over the drip tray because the coffee machine just fits a precise sized cup. Which is probably the only things that I have discovered wrong while using the keurig brewer.

The keurig Mini Brewer served up my hot chocolate while keeping the aroma safely inside. I have always loved smelling the aroma while sipping a mug-full of brewed hot chocolate. At home, it makes making own drink almost fun in a way. I find the Keurig’s innovative single cup brewing system convincing, it lets people brew one cup of gourmet coffee in an instant. The “One cup coffee” option has made it simple to brew and reduce the possibility of wasting coffee. Actually I am thinking about buying one for my office if my boss allows it. It provides an alternative to the lengthy option of brewing a whole pot. One cup of hot drink when I want it and how I want it is just the way I am sure others would agree to have it as well. This is not a selling pitch either, this is all fact.

The keurig Mini Brewer comes with some useful features as well. It is very simple to install. The brewer makes hot chocolate or coffee in less than two minutes as well as an iced beverage. It features three different cup sizes, six oz., eight oz. and ten oz. and a single use water reservoir. I have discovered the keurig Mini Brewer to be somewhat of an energy guzzler. It devours one thousand- four-hundred twenty- five Watts of energy. Nonetheless, there is an energy saving mode that shuts it off after ninety seconds, this an excellent feature. The design is sexy and sleek. It comes with an assortment of different brands of coffee sample cups when you buy a unit. Although the twelve-cup box comes with the keurig Mini Brewer, the appearance and the design of the cups will catch your eye. It also comes with a thirty-day money back guarantee.

Busy business executives like me are possibly the main consumer targets of the keurig Mini Brewer company. Their marketing guys say,” Small offices and homes are perfect for installing the brewer”. I am thinking about taking it along on a business trip next week. I have become somewhat dependent on its swift and sweet service. Guys who love to drink hot beverages more often will find it a solid choice as a home and office brewer, but that’s just my personal opinion. I have also included some of the pros and cons of the keurig Mini Brewer to help the consumer evauate the product fairly.

I think a busy schedule needs a product like this. The keurig Mini Brewer is a good pick for someone who is concerned about time, but does not want to sacrifice quality. Like I said earlier, the price could be a little better and the cup sizes need to be increased but all in all the Mini Brewer is a good product.