Green Teas And Where To Get Them

  • Author Kathleen Chester
  • Published July 20, 2011
  • Word count 392

Tea has been around for centuries and people all over the world drink this beverage. It can be prepared in a few different ways. There are innumerable varieties of tea available in the market. Green teas have slowly started becoming quite popular with consumers. These leaves are not fermented but only steamed and dried. Only Camellia sinensis leaves are used for this particular kind of tea. It originated in China and has slowly spread to different parts of the world.

The main reason why green teas are favored over other varieties is because of its many health benefits.

  1. Cancer is one of main causes for a number of deaths every year. This special beverage helps fight cancerous cells and reduces the risk of developing this deadly disease.

  2. Drinking this brew can also help you lose weight. Obesity can lead to a number of heath complications and losing the excess fat is a good idea. It’s healthier and safer too.

  3. The risk of getting a heart attack is also reduced when you consume green tea on a regular basis. It helps lower the cholesterol level of a person and widen his/her arteries.

  4. For those suffering from arthritis, green tea can help lessen the pain. In order to keep this bone destroying disease at bay, a daily dose of this beverage is a must.

  5. It stems the growth of bad bacteria in the body and helps prevent viral strains of E. coli and clostridia.

These are just a few health benefits that come along with drinking green tea. If you have decided to look online for stores that sell different varieties, then you have made the right choice. The ‘Organic Jasmine Green’ variety comes in a box which contains twenty tea bags. Priced at just $6.95, this variety has a delicate floral favor because night blooming jasmine flowers are used to scent it. The rare ‘Organic Green’ consists of a variety that has been harvested in small gardens. This tea is not only healthy but it also has a classic taste which makes it a hit with many customers.

All in all, green teas are available from a variety of online shops. They stock a wide range of this healthy beverage in different flavors (and prices). All are of the highest quality and free shipping (for purchases above $100) is provided by a few stores.