Maryland Crab Cakes – As Good As It Gets

  • Author Andrea Conrad
  • Published March 29, 2012
  • Word count 507

Crab cakes are a treat enjoyed by everyone. Whether you want a plain crab cake, a crab cake dipped in a great dipping sauce, or a crab cake sandwich, the dish you are dining on is only going to be as good as the ingredients it was made with. This is why so many crab cakes from the grocery store – or even the frozen food section- are very disappointing. Sometimes, even local restaurants can’t get it right. If you find yourself craving a truly delicious crab cake but you cannot find one locally, Maryland crab cakes mail order may be just what you need.

Why Choose Maryland Crab Cakes Mail Order

Many of the crab cakes that you purchase at your grocery store or local seafood store are made with artificial crab meat that is not even really crab meat at all. Even when real crab meat is used, it has often been pasteurized or been previously frozen before it found its way into the crab cake. Without fresh, delicious and high-quality ingredients, the crab cake is always going to be lacking in something. You will never really get to enjoy that delicious seafood flavor that is so essential to a good crab cake.

When you purchase Maryland crab cakes mail order, on the other hand, the crab cake is taken to a whole new level. When you order from a top quality company that sends the crab cakes across the US, you will get crab cakes delivered to your door the very next day that are made with great quality, fresh caught crab. You will notice the difference in taste instantly as soon as you take a bite and you will be transported in your mind to the Baltimore Harbor, sitting and looking over the water while you dine on your delightful treat. It’s like taking a little vacation without ever leaving home, and getting to enjoy the very best part of Maryland without needing a plane ticket or a suitcase.

Types of Maryland Crab Cakes

While you always want to make sure that the Maryland crab cakes you order are fresh, you do have a few options regarding the type of crab that goes into the cake. Two of your options include jumbo lump crab cakes and Backfin crab cakes.

• Jumbo lump crab cakes are made with large and delicious pieces of jumbo lump crab. The crab cakes are typically more visually appealing and elegant, and the taste is unmatched by anything else.

• Backfin crab cakes are equally pleasing to your taste buds as long as they too are made with fresh, unpasteurized crab, but the pieces of crab that go into the cake tend to be smaller. This doesn’t compromise flavor–you will still get to enjoy a delicious crab cake. It simply is a different kind of appearance on the cake and smaller pieces of crab you will be dining on.

No matter what your preference, Maryland crab cakes mail order will make a delicious treat to enjoy any time you want something special.