Tips for Baking Homemade Birthday Cakes for your Child

  • Author Liza Smith
  • Published July 16, 2011
  • Word count 486

Nowadays, it is possible to have birthday cakes delivered right at your doorstep without major hassle. Nonetheless, there is always a sense of satisfaction from baking cake for your child for their birthday. The event comes only once in a year and you can make it more special by heading to the kitchen armed with your recipe book. The main benefit of baking your own cake is that you can control the ingredients that are used in making the cake. This makes it possible to produce a healthy cake that caters for any allergies that your kid or his/her friends might have.

Below are some tips to guide you in the quest to bake the best cake possible for your kid’s birthday:

  1. Kids are more interested in the colors and amount of candy present in the cake. You must not worry so much about the design of the cake since the kids won’t be either.

  2. You can either go for a specific design or choose a generic one for the cake. A specific design such as a kids favorite cartoon character can be quite a challenge to recreate. Generic designs such as trains, animal shapes or balls are much easier to produce. It is simpler to cut out the shape than to actually create it from scratch. This is why it is advisable to go for uncomplicated designs and then use the icing to come up with the details.

  3. Children’s cakes do not require complicated recipes either. A basic sponge cake with candy and icing on top is sufficient for kids.

  4. Ensure you have allergy information about all the children who will be attending the party to avoid any incidences. As a safety precaution, ensure that you do not include nuts in the cake.

  5. It is also recommended to bake the cake at least a day prior to the birthday. This will prevent last minute rushes that may end up ruining the whole event. Freshly baked cake also tends to have sticky crumbs which make it appear muddled.

  6. It is also advisable to use non-staining ingredients on the icing of the cake. Avoid using very bright and sticky syrup on the icing. They may stain kids clothing and make your friends and neighbors scowl at you for sometime.

  7. If you are completely overwhelmed with the decorating aspect, simply order online directly purchase cake decorations. Practice the icing bit on a plate before attempting on the cake itself. You will be amazed at how easy it can be to produce shapes.

There is a degree of contentment that comes from baking your child a birthday cake. However, not everyone is a gifted pastry chef who can produce world class cakes. However, kids mostly enjoy eating the cake so long as it tastes as good as it looks. Use the tips outlined above to make the best birthday cakes for your kid’s parties.