Top Three Diet Meals Low in Carbs for a Slimmer You

  • Author Wadner Tranchant
  • Published April 12, 2013
  • Word count 587

Carbohydrates are a staple in our diet and most people who are compelled to lessen their carbohydrate input find it very hard, especially those raised in rice-eating cultures to resort to low Carb Diet Meals. Even people who don’t eat rice but are used to having pasta and/or sandwiches twice or thrice a day have a difficulty letting the carbs go.

And since desserts are primarily carbohydrates as well, dieters are required to say goodbye to cake, ice cream and all other sweet and creamy wonders. But the fact is, to increase your chances of losing weight and keeping it off, you need to let go of starches and grains so that your body will resort to burning up the stored fat that’s causing the numbers to add up on the weighing scale.

The default option is to resort to greens and put together healthy salads. This is all good, but you need not sustain yourself merely with green tips and vinaigrette. Here are three balanced low-carb meals to keep your appetite up while your weight stays level on healthy on what is ideal for your height and built.

#1: Chicken Cordon Bleu

It is difficult to go wrong with this dish. It is flavorful and nutritious. And though it sounds rather sophisticated, it is not difficult at all to prepare. The ingredients needed are very basic—boneless (and skinless) chicken breasts, sliced cheese, ham slices, all purpose flour, cornstarch, olive oil, chicken bouillon, and white wine. You may also use spices such as paprika and other herbs that you like.

The chicken breast must be thin enough. Ham and cheese slices are placed on the chicken breast slices which are folded and secured with toothpick. The flour and spices are mixed and used to coat the chicken breast with filling. The alternative is to use bread crumbs to coat the assembly after a quick dip in egg.

Use extra virgin olive oil and fry the cordon bleu until brown. You can add the bullion and white wine and cook in low heat for 30 minutes. Let it simmer until the juices have evaporated. Mix the bowl and cornstarch in a bowl and whisk them together. Before serving, make sure that the toothpicks have already been removed and then pour the thickened sauce on the chicken.

#2: Pan-fried or Grilled Steak

A nice slab of beef that is pan-friend in extra-virgin olive oil or grilled on a cheery flame is one meal that will surely fight off hunger. And if you get good protein from an organic farm then you might even forget that you’re missing the huge side of potatoes or rice, if that’s what you prefer. This dish makes a good lunch or dinner. The mushrooms and peppers add carbs to the meal but the amount is almost insubstantial so you can add them as garnish.

#3: Grated cauliflower or veggie pasta instead of rice

Cauliflower that is grated may not taste like rice but is a great low-carb alternative. In fact, cauliflower almost has no carbs. You may use it as a rice substitute in all your meals.

Another great substitute for rice is pasta that is made from vegetables. This is widely available in health stores these days, and even in major grocery stores and supermarkets.

Low Carb Diet Meals are essential in your weight loss diet plan. Try out our recommendations and find out how delicious they are. They are also well balanced and thus very good for your overall health