Why Diet is the Best Yeast Infection Remedy

  • Author Ted Kallmyer
  • Published July 16, 2011
  • Word count 459

Millions of people are plagued by yeast infections. I had one visitor to my website tell me that she used to get one just about twice a month!

She said that she was miserable and it had really taken a toll on her and her marriage. She went to the doctor and began a month long course of Diflucan, but after the treatment the yeast infections returned. It wasn’t until she went on a Candida diet that she finally found the remedy she was looking for.

Some people think that if it’s that easy, then why don’t all yeast infection sufferers go on a Candida diet? Well, there are several reasons for this.

1.Lack of Education: Most people don’t know that this yeast infection remedy is an option, mainly because the medical profession has embraced this treatment. They would rather dispense prescription medication and keep the business coming.

2.A Candida diet isn’t easy: In this day and it is extremely hard for people to give up sugar. It is in everything and people are so addicted to the sweet stuff, which is why there is such a yeast infection epidemic in the first place. Giving up sugar is one the most important elements of a Candida diet and many would rather suffer than give up this addiction.

3.Time: People are busy and don’t have time to plan Candida safe meals, research recipes, and research which supplements to take. Luckily there are several great Candida diet programs available that do all the work for the sufferer.

It certainly is someone’s choice whether they want to spend the rest of their life using medication as a temporary yeast infection remedy or find lasting relief through changing their diet. However, it’s important to understand what all the treatment options are and make an informed decision from there.

I believe a Candida diet is the best yeast infection remedy because it takes care of the root problem which is too many yeast cells throughout the body. It deprives them of their food source, strengthens the immune system, and promotes all over better health. It teaches dieters how to eat whole natural foods and cut out all the processed garbage that is so prevalent in the western diet. Those also overweight report weight loss as a result of the Candida diet. The lady I mentioned at the beginning of the article lost 15 pounds in just 60 days in addition to getting rid of the yeast infections.

If you happen to be one of the many who suffer with chronic infections then I think you should really consider a nutritious Candida diet as a yeast infection remedy if you want lasting relief and greater health for your body.