What is the best frozen Pizza?

  • Author Frank Bwire
  • Published August 16, 2011
  • Word count 497

Frozen pizzas are a considered staple food for many kitchens. They no preparation needed to be done and the time taken to heat them would be much less than the time one would get one to be delivered to their doorsteps. In some instances, some of them need not be heated; they are wonderful as they are. According to many people, the best frozen pizza is the one that is homemade. But on the other hand, it is not all people who have the time or the energy to have their own unbaked pizza frozen.

Even though on some of the supermarkets, one has the option of purchasing the pre-made uncooked dough at many supermarkets, this might not be covering the many options of the many frozen pizzas available in the market. In this article, discussed are some of the options available. This will help you in giving you ideas of what to go for when you are strolling through the freezer section of the supermarket.

To start with, is the Digiorno which is a pepperoni pizza that has pepperoni in the sauce. This is what makes this kind of pizza gain a lot of popularity which is as well contributed by it being crusty. In some cases, you will find that the rising crust is perhaps a little ticker than the fresh pizza, but this is outdone by its tastiness.

For those who like going organic, there is the Amy’s organics which is really tasty and a great option for those who are watching their well being. It was hard for one to get this kind in the market since the bakers went for the easy to make and basic options but nowadays one is able to access them without any hassles.

California Pizza Kitchen is a pizza that comes out of the oven tasting darn close to what one would get from the restaurants. To let you have a wider selection, these kinds are available in different options and flavors such as the Thai Chicken, and pepperoni in a myriad of many more.

Tombstone pizza is another kind that will get you licking your fingers. The flavors are tantalizing and the sauce is just enough. For those who want their pizzas with a lot of cheese, then this is the best brand for you.

Freschetta kind of pizza is a brand that is similar to the Digiorno. The crust in it gets crisp on the outside and is chewy overall and does not as well get too dense. The seasoning on the pizza is done well especially the tomato, basil, and 3-cheese.

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