Los Angeles Cake Baking Classes for the Holidays

  • Author Susan Holtz
  • Published January 25, 2012
  • Word count 508

In our busy, fast paced lives, the holidays supply us with a terrific opportunity to slow down and take pleasure in some of life’s simpler pleasures. One of those pleasures is holiday baking. This season, why not treat yourself to cake baking classes in Los Angeles? You’ll have fun learning this enjoyably original skill, and your friends and household will have fun enjoying the benefits!

The following are just three ways a cake baking class in Los Angeles can add to your holiday time of year:

  1. Learn to construct marvelous and luscious gifts. Everybody loves getting those handmade goodies, and this time your contributions will treat and dazzle! Envision the fun of giving a gorgeously wrapped container of luscious mini cakes, hand decorated and customized for everybody on your list.

In these two-part cake baking classes in Los Angeles, you’ll be taught the secrets of baking the moist cake base, forming it into the delicate small cake pieces, and then icing and decorating them. Learn how to work with buttercream, fondant, marzipan and chocolate in combination to create striking motifs.

Learn the basics, and after prepare to unleash your creative side as you come up with your own individual designs and trimming ideas. You’ll depart with a box filled of finished small cakes, ready to savor or give as a gift.

  1. Create a radiant holiday centerpiece. Your holiday table will gleam with your one-of-a-kind 3D holiday cookie centerpiece. What could be cuter than Santa and his reindeer flying over your tablecloth, saturated in interesting icing and decorations?

Made from sugar and gingerbread cookies, then iced to immaculateness, these cookies are the greatest kind of edible art! The two-day cake baking classes in Los Angeles will address demonstrations of the basic skills, next hands-on construction and completing of your very own work of art. You’ll also learn how to preserve and store your creation for years to come; that is, if you can keep the family from devouring the delightful concoctions.

  1. Conquer your beginner worries of cake baking! They make it seem so easy; a little dab here, a little swoosh there, but one way or another your own cake creations never come out looking anything like the professional ones. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to sign-up and take cake baking classes in Los Angeles that cover the fundamentals.

You’ll start out by learning the baking secrets that make decorating easier, after that how to fill and ice your cakes. You’ll experience using a decorator bag and tips, practice piping, and discover how to space and write messages. Perfect for the beginner cake decorator, these cake baking classes in Los Angeles will give you the basics you’ll require before you go to more advanced decorating techniques.

So switch things up a little this time and attempt a new way to celebrate the holidays by taking cake baking classes in Los Angeles. You wont regret the time and focus you’ll spend learning this amusing hobby and your friends and relatives positively won’t regret tasting all your fresh creations!