A True Chicago Dining Experience

  • Author Jason Chan
  • Published March 5, 2019
  • Word count 425

When it comes to Chicago, one of the biggest aspects of Chicago culture is the food. The city is known for its Chicago burgers, pizza and diners. After 94 years, we’re still going strong, providing visitors with delicious breakfast, but also delicious Chicago lunch.

While Lou Mitchell’s is known for its breakfast and homemade donut holes, don’t overlook us for lunch. We offer a wide range of deluxe sandwiches that will keep you going through a long day of sightseeing or for a mid-day break from work.

Our Chicago burgers are made from freshly ground Angus beef and each one is ½ pounds of juicy deliciousness. We have several options for toppings as well. From a classic burger with lettuce and tomato to the olive burger special with gobs of green pimento olives. All of our burgers are served on a homemade bun. Of course, you can always add cheese and bacon. For sides, you’ll love our fresh cut fries, potato chips or coleslaw.

Top it off with one of our fountain drinks or root beer floats. Of course, you always have to save room for a fresh banana shake or one of our delicious bakery items. These items have been made with Uncle Lou’s authentic recipes for over 90 years. They are Chicago tradition you don’t want to miss out on.

Since 1923, Lou Mitchell’s has been a staple of Chicago and a hot stop off of the “Mother Road” – Route 66. When you dine with us, you’re making a step back into history when dining at cafes and driving the open road was a large part of the American Dream. Over the years, we’ve hosted and served our famous Chicago burgers and lunch to celebrities, US Presidents, mayors, governors and more.

We also strive to serve the community with the freshest ingredients possible. Our fries are never frozen and are fried in premium peanut oil. Our burgers are made from quality beef and are char-grilled. All of our bread is homemade, and our eggs are freshly delivered from local suppliers.

We always strive to make your visit just a bit more special as well. One of the things we’re most famous for are our Milk Duds. Every lady and child that walks through the door is offered a sweet treat as a warm greeting. Plus, Milk Duds have a part in Chicago history. They were originally manufactured by a customer and dear friend of Uncle Lou, right here in Chicago. This is a tradition we carry on today.