The Benefits of Eating Grass-fed Beef and Pastured Pork

  • Author Terra Olsen
  • Published July 10, 2018
  • Word count 430

It is often hard to find a healthy and wholesome place to buy your food. At grocery stores, it is not easy to find food without GMOs, or lots of unnatural preservatives. Here at John Henry’s, we pride ourselves in being a family-owned farm that treats our customers, employees, and most importantly, our animals well. You can know that we do not process our foods because all the animals are raised and sold at local levels, so the food is still fresh when it arrives. John Henry, the founder of the farm, was raised on a farm in Millington, Michigan. For him, farming is more than an occupation. It is a way of life. John and his wife, Kellie, learned at very young ages what it takes to succeed and live your dream; hard work, dedication, honesty, integrity, respect, and friendship. Together, they take care of the farm with their children and stepchildren as well as many employees. Our family farm produces grass-fed beef pastured pork, and free-range turkey and chicken.

At John Henry’s, we love the fact that our animals are treated with kindness. The cows have all the room they need in extensive pastures, the pigs can roll around in the dirt all they want to, and the chickens can roam wherever they please. Often, farmers put their animals in tight spaces where the animals can easily get sick and live in restricted areas. Here, we make sure that all the animals are happy on our farm, and we ensure our animals never have to live in abusive environments that other farms impose on their animals. It takes more care and space, but our animals are always treated humanely.

The humane way we treat our animals is not only good for the livestock, but also the consumer. When shopping at grocery stores, you will often find packages of similar looking meats lined up next to each other. However, because we do not use any unnatural ingredients when raising our livestock, our meats look different from the others. That is simply because animals are naturally slightly different shapes and sizes from each other, as people are. That is one good way to tell if unnatural ingredients were fed to the animals you are considering eating. Our animals are always healthier and fresher than our competitors. We even cut each of our meats, fresh and ship them to you the same day to ensure freshness! You will definitely taste the difference. Shop at John Henry’s today to support a family-owned farm, and to get the best meat you can find!