Five reasons why you should choose organic cakes, over non-organic

  • Author Sarah Tron
  • Published May 30, 2011
  • Word count 505

Organic food doesn’t just apply to fruit and vegetables; at The Healthy Cake company natural organic cakes are baked as standard.

Organic food is grown using organic gardening and farming methods. Not only is organic food free from any pesticides so its better for your body, but it is also better for the planet too. Here are the top five reasons why you should go organic:

Nutrition- Due to the preventative farming methods such as crop rotation, fresh organic produce contains twice the amount of nutrients compared to non-organic produce. Therefore, organic cakes are healthy cakes!

Reduce and prevents some allergies and disease- The pesticides and fertilisers that are used to carry out traditional farming contain chemicals, which are absorbed by the produce. These are toxic and can pollute the body. In the past the chemicals have been blamed for triggering a range of common allergies, and have also been linked with cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Eating foods which are free from these chemicals can help to reduce the risk of developing these conditions.

Free from genetic modification- There has been very little research carried out on the lasting effects of genetically modified foods. There has been some speculation that this research has been neglected due to the profits that this type of production method generates. Each and every cake at The Healthy Cake Company is GM free, so you can indulge without worrying about what you are putting into your body.

Promotes a healthier environment- Organic food isn’t just better for our bodies, but it’s also better for the planet. Organic farming methods protect the soil and safeguard its nutrient content, to preserve it for the future. Secondly, this type of agriculture uses less water and non-renewable energy. Thirdly, the production of organic meat is more humane compared to intensive farming methods. Organic livestock are fed organic food, have unrestricted access to roam in open spaces in the fresh air, and are not fed antibiotics as a standard preventative measure. They are also not injected with hormones, and are slaughtered in a much more humane way.

Saves the wildlife- Because intensive farming involves using chemical fertilisers and pesticides the seeds, berries and surrounding vegetation within close proximity of the farmed crops can become covered in chemicals too.

This can have a damaging effect on the wildlife that depends on this vegetation to survive, and a shortage of food can cause their numbers to drop. Intensive farming also involves cutting down trees and removing shrubbery, destroying the natural environment of thousands of different species of animals, insects and even micro organisms.

So to do your bit for your health and the planet please visit for all your baked goods!

If you are looking for healthy cakes such as vegan cakes, or free from cakes such as dairy free cakes and gluten free cakes The Healthy Cake Company can produce high standard cakes to order, alternatively you can make your own using ready to make cake mix.