Why should I get a personal breathalyzer?

  • Author Earl White
  • Published January 1, 2016
  • Word count 367

Alcohol breathalyzers have always had their place in society, but more recently these places have began to change. Law enforcement continue to use them on a daily basis to monitor drunks or suspected OWI’s (Operating While Intoxicated), but individuals now have the option to use them as well.

Personal breathalyzers have been gaining popularity over the last decade and have found new places in homes, vehicles, purses, and even your pocket. Companies create sleek, small, convenient, and most importantly accurate breathalyzers. It is this accuracy that ordinary consumers should be aware of and base their purchase off of. There are many units out on the market today that are what we consider, strictly novelty. They are made out of cheap plastic in a foreign country and rely on sensors that are easily fooled by an untrained user. When purchasing a personal breathalyzer you should take enough care and detail to research it as if you were buying a car. Why is that you ask? Because devices like these save lives on a daily basis. You wouldn’t want your life or the life of another determined by your cheap $30 key-chain breathalyzer purchase at the corner gas station would you?

That is why I am sharing with you the reason so many of us may be relying on personal breathalyzer today. Our sales throughout the years have brought us in contact with many people, some just like you, that need these devices. They vary from parents checking their kids for underage drinking, first time DUI offenders looking to monitor themselves, and worried individuals taking responsibility to test themselves before they get behind the wheel. These are all great reasons why someone would want to administer a breathalyzer test on themselves or a friend, but you should always make sure to follow the instructions carefully. There are always ways to be careful or cautious and a breathalyzer is just another simple way to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Always remember a breathalyzer isn’t a replacement for your judgement. You should never drink and drive. You can always find alternate options by having a designated driver or taking a taxi. Be safe and drink responsibly!