Coffee and Keeping it Fresh

  • Author Dave Lashier
  • Published June 26, 2011
  • Word count 646

So, just how do you keep a newly prepared pot of coffee tasting just like it has been freshly made? There ought to be a simple answer to this particular question as we all look for our third cup of coffee to taste as fresh as the first cup of coffee early in the morning. So estimate how many cups of coffee the average American drinks a day? Along with just how many of those cups are fresh tasting just like it has been freshly brewed? Perhaps only the very initial cup that you drink first thing in the early morning!

It has become extensively acknowledged that you need to start with freshly roasted coffee beans and grind them before you make your brand new pot of freshly brewed coffee. Having said that, the majority of of us settle for the ground coffee located on store shelves that could have been roasted and ground weeks earlier. So what is the solution? Very good question! Below are a handful of techniques that will help you always keep your ground coffee fresh for as long as possible.

Precisely what precisely causes coffee to shed its fresh flavor and aroma? If memory serves me right there are four items that could directly influence the freshness of ground coffee. These happen to be light, moisture, air, and heat. If your coffee grounds continue to be subjected to any of these outside influences, the freshness of your coffee grounds will deteriorate extremely rapidly.

Heat and Light – Carbon dioxide, which is a chemical process that definitely will negatively impact coffee flavor, is emitted from the coffee beans as soon as they are roasted and ground. This all-natural carbon dioxide process, in which the coffee grounds come to be stale as a result, is exasperated, once heat and light come into contact with these coffee grounds.

Air – When coffee grounds are not covered, and hence exposed to air, they may oxidize at a much faster rate. Due to prolonged exposure to air coffee grounds may become stale and lose their beefy flavor over a fairly brief period of time. The sure fire way to be able to decelerate this process down will be to preserve one’s coffee grounds in a container that is “air tight”, as a result keeping the air out and the freshness in!

Moisture: Are you under the particular illusion that preserving your fresh ground coffee cold, storing the grounds in your refrigerator and / or freezer definitely will always keep your coffee flavor robust over time? Well, nothing could be further from the truth! Coffee will shed its flavor together with aroma when stored in a frigid place due to the grounds absorbing moisture from the chilling process. The moisture will probably also result in the grounds to come to be rancid and in addition eventually get mold.

Keep your fresh coffee grounds inside a dark, cool – not frigid – place, stored in an air tight container. A cabinet will be a much better place to store coffee than the fridge – that is, in the event that you desire the freshest coffee! Simply be sure where ever you store one’s own coffee it is definitely not too close to anything which produces heat. This may be a problem. This might sound unusual, but remove your unused coffee grounds from the original container and put them straight into an airtight container of your choosing as these original containers from the store could let in air and light due to improper packaging.

By paying attention to the preceding techniques you will now have basically no reason to experience stale coffee. Now you may never fail to experience that fresh cup of coffee each morning due to the fact that you know what exactly impacts the freshness of the grounds that you so painstakingly chosen and hand ground.