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Retro Sweets – How Many Can You Spot?

  • Author Kevin Donnelly
  • Published November 15, 2011
  • Word count 318

Just one taste can take you right back. Whether it’s Auntie Joan’s toasted teacakes or Uncle Joe’s mint balls there are times when a taste can bring back a wave of nostalgia – and it’s never stronger than with retro sweets. Just a whiff of that pear drops smell and it’s 1975 all over again. They occupy a special place in our hearts. In short, it seems, candy sticks.

We’d spend our precious money on all sorts of retro candy. Just handing over our 10p and receiving something sweet and sugary back made us feel all bubbly; like there was a sherbet fountain going off somewhere inside us.

And no matter where we grew up the effect was the same. Retro sweets make the English feel like little imps again; the French feel bon bon and give the Turkish delight.

We treat our nostalgia foods with love. Hearts of rock crumble to cinder. Toffee, chocolate, candy – the sweets of our childhood seem to have an unerring ability to turn us from American hard gums to candy shrimps in a moment.

But if you thought they were a thing of the past; that retro candy that would be forever, well… retro, then think again. This may be something of a gobstopper but all those sweets from your childhood: the parma violets and double lollies, the fizz bombs and drumsticks, are all alive and well. You’d just forgotten – and now all you need is a refresher.

This is no fudge either. These aren’t just like the retro sweets we used to love: they are the retro sweets we used to love.

Don’t be a dummy. Rediscover your mojo with a jar of retro sweets. It’s taste bud time travel without the need for space dust or flying saucers.

*There are 26 retro sweets to find in this article. Have you spotted them all?