10 difference between US and Italian pizza

  • Author Russell Benedict
  • Published September 25, 2018
  • Word count 636

In this day and age it is difficult to find anything that is true to its authentic or original form. Many things, especially food, have been adapted to suited people of different cultures. Preparation and cooking methods have changed and so have ingredients and presentation. Food culture is constantly evolving, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t try to trace our way back to the originals every once in a while.

When it comes to pizza, its origins can be traced back to Italy. This, however, doesn’t mean that pizza has stayed true to its original form. In fact, most pizzerias will have two options for their pizza; Italian pizza and American pizza.


When we order online pizza, what we usually get is pizza baked in a commercial oven. This is good enough for most of us but authentic Italian pizza is baked in a brick over/open flame. This gives the pizza a nice flavour and the crust is crispy and perfectly burnt.

However, most pizzerias can’t afford to bake their pizza in the traditional method anymore. So the different between an American pizza and Italian pizza made by a pizzeria may not lie in how it is prepared and cooked.


When we take a bite of a slice of pizza, we savour the cheese and the meat or vegetable topping, but what really gives the pizza a burst of flavour is the sauce. When you get a takeaway pizza, the tangy fragrance of the sauce will make you want to dive straight into it.

This tomato sauce cannot be found on authentic Italian pizza and is in fact a feature of the American pizza. If you are wondering how pizza can exist without that bright red sauce, a short lesson in the history of pizza may be of help to you.

The origins of pizza can be traced way back, but if we look at 16th century Naples, a galette flatbread was called pizza. It was originally a dish for the poor, who used tomato as a topping. However, tomato on pizza wasn’t in the form of the fragrant, slow-cooked sauce we use now. Italian pizza usually uses olive oil, pureed fresh tomatoes, garlic and oregano on the bread.


American pizzas tend to be loaded with different types of meat. If you are in the mood for Oslo pizza delivery, you’ll find yourself with many options. At Fornebu Pizza, the Fornebu DeLuxe has steak, bacon, ham, pepperoni, meatballs, jalapeños, onions and peppers on it. The Fornebu Spesial comes with steak, ham and mushroom. These are just two pizzas on their American pizza menu, and you can choose from a wide variety if you want to order online pizza.

Italian pizza usually only has one type of meat on the pizza. At Fornebu, you can find a range of Italian pizza, like the Roma, Pisa, Napoli and Mamma Mia.


Since pizza is traced back to varieties of flatbreads, thin crust is what most of us expect from a pizza. However, there are a variety of crusts to choose from. When placing your order for Oslo pizza delivery, you may have to choose thin crust, thick crust or even stuffed crust.

Deep-dish pizzas originated in America, and the pizza has high edges to hold in chunky tomato sauce and cheese. While this type of pizza is popular in America, the country known for pizza goes with thin crust. Different parts of Italy also have unique ways of making the crust, so your Italian pizza is also different from region to region.

Due to how popular pizza is, there are also many variations of a regular pizza. Cheese-stuffed pizzas are popular, as are sausage-stuffed pizza. These include cheese or sausage inside the crust of the pizza.