Coupons can help you save at Restaurants

  • Author Jackie Abril
  • Published November 21, 2011
  • Word count 538

Let’s face it, in this day and age it is hard to keep any of the money that you make. Everyone is trying to get a piece if your pie, and you are doing everything you can to keep it. A great way to save money is to use coupons and one of the best ways I have found to save money is with fast food coupons. I find that eating at fast food restaurants can be economical if you do it properly.

You shouldn’t order the most expensive items, and you should also try to get the healthier items on the menu, while doing this try to be value orientated. A good tip is to not get the meals, they may sound like a better deal and more value, but you really end up spending more money. Instead of a meal just order the main food item like a burger or a sub and then ask for a cup of water, this will usually save you two dollars or more and you still get a decent amount of food and a drink.

When it comes to coupons you can save even more money by using fast food coupons like buy one get one free, or two can fine for 7.99. There are even a few that allow you to upgrade to a meal for free. The buy one get one free ones are my favorite. When it comes to saving money and finding fast food coupons there are a few restaurants that release them more often then others, in the paragraph below I will share where and when you cab expend to find money saving vouchers from each of the popular fast food restaurants. Best sources for fast food coupons Not every restaurant will release vouchers for you to save money but many of the most popular ones will.

I find the best chains to release coupons are Mcdonalds, quiznos, chillis, and Harveys ( in Canada) usually I will get then in the mail but I also know you can get them online as well for some of the sites. Mcdonalds has a website called where you can print your own vouchers and redeem them at your favorite restaurant. If you want to save money when you ate eating out I have a few more tips that I use all the time. My favorite one was included above to just order a sandwhich or burger and then ask for a cup of water (free). Another great tip is to order off of the value menu, each restaurant has one and sometimes they do not openly advertise them so look online or ask in the store. I know quiznos has the torpedo which is very cheap, at McDonalds I get the mcdouble for on 1.39 and many other chains have dollar menus. If you order three items from the dollar menu and then ask for a cup of water you could get three items and a drink for under four dollars. I hope that these tips will help you save money as I find I can usually save a few dollars each time I go. With a family these tips will save you up to ten dollars or more.