Why it’s better to Have Disposable Ice Cream Cone Sleeve?

  • Author Andy Markead
  • Published February 7, 2017
  • Word count 438

Planning to hire an ice cream van this summer? Need an ice cream van for your wedding, birthday parties or any other event? Whatever be the occasion if you are looking for ice cream van hire then you should always ask your ice cream man for one important thing which most of us don’t care.

Though, there are many other things which can be considered as important but for most of us ignore one basic thing while hiring an ice cream van and that basic thing is Hygiene.

Hygiene is the most important part of having an ice cream van at any of your event. Most of the people are interested in the cheapest price and but are ignore Hygiene.

Most of the people know the sound of an ice cream van but are not aware of the dangers associated with the ice cream. There are few ice cream van owners who think they are above food hygiene. They even ignore the basic standard practices for hygiene like personal hygiene, adequate cleaning and sanitizing of ice cream machine, etc.

A latest survey states that almost 50% of all soft serve ice creams contain high levels of bacteria due to poor hygiene practices. The survey was done on ice cream shops, ice cream vans, stalls and restaurants. Amazingly, 47% of samples were found to have unacceptable levels of bacteria.

The survey concluded that there is a need for the improvement in overall hygiene in the production and service of soft serve ice creams. The overall hygiene can be improved by focusing on three things viz. personal hygiene, adequate cleaning and sanitizing. Personal hygiene refers to the hygiene related to the person serving ice cream cones. Few examples of hygienic ice cream serving are:

Use of Gloves

Use of Ice Cream Sleeves

Use of head covering caps, etc.

Hygiene also requires adequate cleaning which means, cleaning the ice cream vending machine frequently, cleaning the area near to the vending machine, cleaning the ice cream scoop on frequent basis etc. Sanitization is also an important aspect of hygiene. Sanitization should be done at least once a day.

One of the important part of hygienic serving is the use of disposable ice cream cone sleeve. There are two major benefits of using cone sleeve. First, it doesn’t allow ice cream cones to spill creams and second it’s hygienic, as no one would touch the ice creams directly. Cone sleeves can also be helpful in cleaning the mess after the party.

So, whilst hiring an ice cream van, always asks your ice cream man, is he using ice cream cone sleeves or not.